Free Travel Insurance inc. Covid-19

Travel to the Region of Murcia safely!

The Murcia Tourist Institute are offering complimentary travel insurance to provide security and confidence to all tourists who visit and stay in any regulated tourist establishment in the Region of Murcia.

Their travel insurance provides cover in the case of a Covid-19 infection for national and international tourists who travel to the region.

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 Who is it for? To all Spanish national and foreign international travellers of any age not residing in the Region of Murcia and staying in a regulated tourist accommodation . The policyholder is the Institute of Tourism for the Region of Murcia and the beneficiaries would be the tourists themselves, since they will be automatically covered by the Covid-19 insurance policy as soon as they have checked in at a regulated accommodation in the Region of Murcia.

For international tourists the coverage is for any general accidents and common illnesses including Covid-19. Spanish residents will be only covered for costs associated with a Covid-19 infection

 Coverage dates commence from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

 Expenses included for national and international tourists non-residents in the Region of Murcia are:
Medical and pharmaceutical expenses, transport costs incurred and expenses for an extension of stay at your chosen tourist accommodation.

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