New 2021 Cervélo Bikes Available

Murcia Bike Hire are offering the opportunity for you to pre-order your new 2021 Cervélo carbon road bikes now to ensure you are ahead of the pack for delivery before the start of the new season.

The pre-order service is available through our online MBH Shop, and gives a great opportunity to order your new bike and secure the earliest delivery possible in 2021. As this is an online offer we are also providing a very competitive price which includes the option for delivery direct from the factory or and additional options for our mechanic to build the bike “Ride Ready” prior to dispatch!

We love this time of year as we start to plan for our own 2021 rental fleet and then look forward to seeing our new carbon road bikes arrive. Giving just enough time for preparations before the cycling clubs and groups start arriving for winter cycling holidays and winter training camps.

As an approved Cervélo carbon road bike retailer, we are offering the opportunity for you to order any of the following categories identified by purpose.

  • Classic Road (R)
  • Aero Road (S)
  • Modern Road (Caledonia)
  • Gravel (Aspero)

Classic Road (R)

The R-Series is a high performance all-rounder, ready for everything from the Tuesday night world champs to an epic weekend ride. Light, stiff, and designed for confidence-boosting handling, this is a bike that you can trust.

With optimized balance, the R-Series is a climbing weapon. Using special carbon layup and construction techniques, we reduced the frame’s weight while making it stiffer at key points. The impressive stiffness to weight ratio means precise handling and instant feedback in speed.

Stiff and lightweight, with geometry that promotes stable handling, the R-Series urges you to attack on the climb and push the pace on the descent. You’ll also enjoy a smooth ride, with tires up to 28mm wide and a compliant frame to absorb road vibrations.

The R-Series features a robust chain stay protector; thru axles; future proof cable management system (compatible across all types of shifting systems); and a reduced friction bottom bracket guide.

Interested to see more then view the specification for Cervélo R5 or Cervélo R-Series and more visit our MBH Shop! If you have any further questions then please contact us.

Aero Road (S)

The S-Series makes every part of your ride better: the final sprint on your Saturday morning group ride, the long climb, and a solo effort on the edge of town. Cervélo has applied years of experience of building the most aero bikes in the peloton to create a bike that delivers maximum performance.

The S-Series is designed to be an aerodynamic integrated system incorporating the rider, frame, and components. Frame tube shapes and design elements work together to manipulate and smooth the airflow over the bike and rider. The result: you go faster.

With optimized performance, stiffness in critical parts of the frame is essential for calm and precise handling and pedaling efficiency. Most aerodynamic bikes have to trade off aerodynamics for stiffness, but we worked hard to ensure the S-Series frames are stiff, while not sacrificing aerodynamic performance.

Cervélo builds bikes that are easy to own – so you can spend less time servicing them and more time enjoying the ride. The S-Series is specced with components that are easy to upgrade, and the bike is designed to be ready for electronic, mechanical, or hydraulic shifting.

Interested to see more then view the specification for Cervélo S5 or Cervélo S-Series and more visit our MBH Shop! If you have any further questions then please contact us.

Modern Road (Caledonia)

The new Caledonia is the bike to reach for when the odometer’s going well past the triple digit mark. Long rides invariably have some smooth tarmac, some junk pavement over backroads, a cutty singletrack connector, and maybe even your own local Strade Bianche sector. So Cervélo built a bike that could take on all of them, do it well, and fit fenders in case the ominous clouds turn into a downpour 130km into your day.

Faster handling isn’t necessarily better- Cervélo engineered the handling based on the specific use-case. In this case it’s Roubaix. Roubaix is harder on bikes than any other race on the calendar, and there’s zero margin for error. Cervélo increased the rear center (compare this to the R3 that was raced last year), lowered the BB, and increased the trail. The handling is still fast, but they’ve added stability.

This is a race bike—it was designed for and will be used as the Sunweb teams’ Roubaix bike. Rather than designing multiple versions of the bike with various fit profiles (R5, R-Series, etc.) like they’ve done in the past, the team has designed a system that enables a broad range of fits on a single bike while maintaining the aesthetic and functional cleanliness demanded.

Interested to see more then view the specification for Cervélo Caledonia and more visit our MBH Shop! If you have any further questions then please contact us.

Gravel (Aspero)

As a new breed of rider is emerging, one who loves the freedom and exploration that gravel culture was founded upon. But who has a hunger to ride wild, to go full bore, and to explore not just geography but personal limits. This frontier requires a new kind of gravel machine, one engineered not to roam the trails, but to slay them.For these athletes, we created a machine engineered for pure, unapologetic speed, ready to take down finish lines, KOM leaderboards, PR’s, and FKT’s. A single bike that first generates maximum speed and then second, controls that speed across the variable conditions gravel athletes must conquer. A machine built without limits, for the riders willing to test them.

Interested to see more then view the specification and more visit our MBH Shop! If you have any further questions then please contact us.

The Cervélo S-Series and R-Series have been fantastic bikes for our bike hire business since we first purchased them in 2018. And we have continued each year to renew our fleet with the latest models whilst also enjoying the opportunity to ride Cervélo for our personal bikes.

Both models have received excellent reviews from our customers whether they have rented or bought from us. These bikes in our opinion stand out from the crowd based on design and performance!

Interested, then take a look at the specification and more by visiting our MBH Shop! Alternatively if you have any questions about the offers available then please contact us to discuss.


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