Bike Hire Damage Waiver



Bike hire damage waiver cover priced at €40 per bike, but please note that loss, theft, broken frame, or accident damage over the value of €150 is not covered by this.

When considering if you should purchase the bike hire damage waiver, we advise that all customers make themselves aware of the MBH booking terms and conditions.

2.7 You are responsible for ensuring that you have suitable travel Insurance cover during the period of your hire.
2.7.1 Murcia Bike Hire may offer you insurance as part of the booking and will only use a reputable and affiliated Insurance provider.
2.7.2 We offer our own damage waiver cover priced at €40 per bike, but please note that loss, theft, broken frame, wheel damage, or accident damage (value over €150) is not covered by this cover and any damage resulting during the rental will incur full cost for repair or replacement for damage or loss to the client. NOTE: This cover is an optional charge for the bike hire customer.
2.8 You are responsible for all cycle(s) and equipment hired, keeping these items safe from damage: loss or theft, and use it in a proper manner and not subject it to any misuse or unfair wear and tear. Don’t leave the bike on the street or outside restaurants unguarded and you must ensure all items are kept secure inside your apartment/ villa both night and day when not in use.
2.8.1 Any damage caused to cycle(s) due to crash or neglect is the client’s responsibility and this will be charged in full for repairs or replacement required.
2.8.2 You must notify Murcia Bike Hire immediately of any loss: damage or theft to the hired cycle(s) or equipment however caused.
2.8.3 You will be responsible for paying Murcia Bike Hire the reasonable costs of repair or replacement for any such loss, damage or theft. In the case of theft or accident the client must also notify the Guardia Civil immediately.


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