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Proteins are an essential nutrient for active people, whether they focus on endurance sports such as gym or fitness. The need for carbohydrates can vary day by day, depending on the training load, but protein intake should never be compromised. Main characteristics of Protein20 bars – High protein content, low sugar content – 20 grams of protein – 2 grams of sugar – Supports recovery, muscle reconstruction and daily protein intake – Daily healthy snack – Not suitable for vegetarians Benefits In relation to performance in endurance sports, protein intake is very important. In this situation, the stress of exercise creates an order to the musculature to make new proteins that are involved in the production of aerobic energy. We must consume adequate protein in our diet, to have enough structural support to manufacture the new proteins that our body requires, depending on the work done. Recommended use To maximize muscle recovery and facilitate muscle mass gain, ideally you should consume 20-40g of high quality protein every 3 or 4 hours. Protein20 bars can be consumed immediately after exercise or as a daily snack to meet protein intake needs.

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Chocolate Peanut Crunch




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