Climate guide for cycling holidays in Murcia

Climate guide for cycling in Murcia

Climate guide for cycling holidays in Murcia

Our clients enjoy cycling holidays in the Murcia region because of the fantastic year-round climate in addition to the varied terrain and great Cervélo carbon road bikes on offer. We have produced the following information as a guide for your consideration when planning your cycling holiday with us.

Many cycling groups/ teams train here during the winter months, and it is not uncommon to see professional riders throughout the year, between races. Winter is a great time to escape the colder climes of Northern Europe and enjoy some warmer/ sunnier weather, there are also some great reasons to visit here in Spring, Summer and Autumn. 


Climate guide for cycling in Murcia

April to June

From spring to early summer is a fantastic time to visit the Murcia region as the weather gets progressively warmer and most rides can start and finish in short sleeves. Typically, it is dry and sunny in most locations, although early mornings can still feel cool in early Spring.

July to August

The summer temperatures in the Murcia region can exceed 30c and sometimes higher with possible days in the 40oc during July and August with rainfall a rare event. At this time of year, it is great to get out early on a route that will get you back to base by lunchtime. A stunning time of year to ride in the Sierra Espuña Regional Park, with a challenging ascent of the Collado Bermejo through the pine trees.

We have a variety of route available on our GPX downloads that take you away from the hot humid coast and onto cooler cycling in the hills. This gives you the opportunity of time to relax by the pool or on the beach in the late afternoon.

September to October

One of the best times to tour the region of Murcia

Late summer and autumn are the best times to visit the region of Murcia as the days are still typically warm, sunny, and long. The mornings are warmer than the Spring and the humidity is lower, especially as you leave the coast.

Rain showers are rare but significantly more likely at this time of year but with highs of 29c and lows of 16c this is the perfect time for a late summer getaway or a cheeky “Murcian Carbon Road Weekender” with your cycling club or group of friends!

November to March

Winter cycling in the region of Murcia

November to March Is an extremely popular time of year for cycling holidays with good reason as many cyclists come to enjoy the coastal and mountain rides, taking the benefit of winter sun.

What is the alternative? Layering up, before braving the cold/ wet weather or indoor turbo Zwift sessions! “Our advice is to avoid the wet, cold, dark gloomy days of winter at home, and join us on one of our package cycling holidays or tailored cycling holidays”.

November is the wettest month across both regions, but with highs of 24oc on dry days it is not bad news, with the average highs of 19oc and lows of 10oc it could be worse.

Through November to March the mornings are cooler as the sunrises later, but most of the days are sunny, enhanced by blue skies and much longer than Northern Europe. “With a possible 15oc difference from morning to afternoon, mid-morning starts are definitely the order of the day”.

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We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience of the region your next cycling holiday.